Court Documents

Habeas Petition

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  • Petition
  • Government Response to Habeas Petition
  • Endrizzi Declaration
  • Walker Declaration
  • Reply to Government Response
  • Supplemental Brady Memo
  • Plea Agreement
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Order Granting
  • Transcripts from Habeas Hearing


  • Opening Brief
  • Government Reply Brief
  • Final Reply Brief (skip to page 8)
  • Decision
  • Petition for Rehearing En Banc


  • Defense Sentencing Memo
  • Government Response to Sentencing Memo
  • Defense Response to Govt Response
  • New Govt Sentencing Memo
  • Sentencing Hearing – Transcripts

Declarations from Jurors

  • Declaration Number One
  • Declaration Number Two


  • Transcripts –
    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • Day 3
    • Day 4
    • Day 5
    • Day 6
    • Day 7
    • Day 8
    • Day 9
    • Day 10

Govt In Limine Motions

  • Motion to Preclude Entrapment as Defense
  • Motion to Preclude Legal Issues

Defense Pre-Trial Motions

  • Motion to Dismiss for 1st Amendment Violations
  • Motion to Dismiss for 6th Amendment Violations and Right to Counsel
  • Motion to Dismiss for Due Process Violations and Government Misconduct
  • Motion to Dismiss for Illegal Contact with a Represented Party
  • Motion to Dismiss for Prosecutorial Misconduct and and Prejudicial Public Statements
  • Motion to Provide Grand Jury Transcripts
  • Motion to Reveal the Identity of CI
  • Motion to Suppress Evidence From Warrantless Arrest and Search
  • Motion to Suppress Search of Home
  • Motion to Suppress Video and Audio Surveillance
  • Motion to Uncover Discovery of Domestic Surveillance
  • Omnibus Motion to Dismiss for Due Process Violation and Government Misconduct

Indictment and Criminal Complaint

  • Indictment
  • Criminal Complaint

Zach Jenson and Lauren Weiner


  • Jenson Sentencing Memo
  • Jenson’s Sentencing Declaration to the Court
  • Jenson’s Sentencing Hearing – Transcripts
  • Weiner Sentencing Memo
  • Weiner’s Sentencing Hearing – Transcripts

Plea Agreements

  • Jenson Plea Agreement
  • Weiner Plea Agreement

Plea Hearings

  • Jenson Change of Plea Hearing – Transcripts
  • Jenson Change of Plea Hearing – Transcripts

    Detention Hearing

  • Weiner Detention Hearing – Transcripts

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